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Welcome to TrueEligance
Your home for Health, Healing, Happiness and Love.

Hello my name is Elizabeth . I am a Reiki Master Teacher, moon mother, ordained Minister , Numerologist ,Tarot & Oracle Reader, Triple doula (Birth, Postpartum, and Bereavement) and a singer . I offer Reiki classes, healing circles, workshops, and so much more. 


I was always looking for answers ,I wanted to know more about the planets, about humans.

I didn’t feel like I was on the right track until 2016 where I had multiple life changes happen all at once.

I had a remembrance or with some would call a Re-awakening . 

I now understood what it felt to be close to spirit. I understood that I wasn’t making these feelings up. I was able to unlock the side of my self that I never knew existed.

I remembered my ability. Although I have always been connected to my family roots on a spiritual level, I now can connect with other people’s family members. My learning only increased when I became a Reiki student in 2017 and a Reiki master teacher in 2020. I now have over 20 students, which fills my heart with so much happiness. I am the change I wish to see. 

I am here to assist with love from my heart.



Elizabeth L Felix (Eli)



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